1 1/4 Lion Rolling Circus TRANSPARENT Rolling Papers - "420 Pack" - (420 Leaves X 10 Packs/ per Box) -

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100% all natural vegetal cellulose

Paper grade

13gr / m2

Paper size

79 mm | 1 1/4 | 1.25

Design Variations

The OG 4 classic LRC characters (Edgar, Sadie, Ruby, & Twins)


420 leaves

The Lion Rolling Circus TRANSPARENT line of rolling papers has become a stoner's calling card of recognition for the brand. These 100% vegetal (vegetable based) cellulose papers are truly something interesting and unique to the rolling papers world.

Besides for the ultra cool fact that "you can see your weed" in the finished doobie that you roll, you'll also be able to admire it the whole time you're smoking it, which is always a worthy topic of discussion!

All LRC transparent products are all natural, biodegradable, and completely colorless and odorless and do not effect the taste or smell of your precious herbs in any way.

Available in regular (1 1/4 size) and King size (called Big Smokes), these clear papers also come in a unique quantity of 420 leaves per pack (this listing). All are self adhering (no gum), and facilitate a medium and even burn rate.

Packaging is dynamic and colorful and feature the 4 freaky characters of the Lion Circus freak family.

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