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XVape Vixen

by XVape

The XVape Vixen "lipstick" tube shaped concentrate vaporizer is a super creative and awesome Xvape innovation and something extra special for the ladies to appreciate...

Simply put, it's the most fabulous vaping accessory any girl can ever put in her purse! (or any dude can ever give his favorite vape girl for a present!) Looks and feels just like your favorite lipstick tube but vapes like you'd expect any professional XVape unit to vape: amazing.

Obviously, one of the coolest things about this vaporizer is the fact that its low key disguised to be just another personal belonging in your makeup bag, allowing you to be discreet when you need to be.

Don't tell anybody we said this, but this means you can walk around with it anywhere you can take your purse and only imagine what vaping possibilities this gives you. Bathrooms in clubs and restaurants come to mind, or pull it out at parties and vape away as you look like you're just putting more lipstick on.

Have fun with it; its like nothing else on the market. 


Vixen colorful mouthpiece

Product Details: 

  • Smell-proof cap
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Top airflow/leak-proof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Dual quartz titanium coil
  • Includes ceramic plate coil
  • 510 threaded