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The Yard = 3 Foot Roll of UNSWEET Cigar Wraps - 10 Count


This revolutionary new brand of rolling wraps is called The Yard and is a smokers most handy rolling tool in that it allows the roller to roll any size blunts he wants because the wraps aren't precut...

Make a 2 inch shorty or roll a 2 foot monster blunt depending on your mood! Make party size blunts the way real og's know whassup... Throw a rolling contest, smokeout, party, and have fun... YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! 

 - Boxes contain 10 pouches each- (in a "super-seal" resealable pouch) w/ 10 filter tips per pouch!)

Turns out the average roller will roll about 10 cigars per pouch/ yard, but we have no idea what that means for you. Just rip or cut the size to your preference and see how long it lasts...

Slow burning... popular... trending...

[ Warning: CONTAINS NICOTINE, which is an addictive chemical.]

Comes in HEMP WRAPS version too!