Alien Dawg Pre-Labeled 3.5g Self-Seal Tins

Amount: 60 pcs
Plastic Lid Cap Colour: Black
In stock


Alien Dawg Pre Labeled 100ml Easy Seal Pull-Ring Tins

Pre-labeled 100ml easy-seal pull-ring tins with plastic caps. Perfect for 3.5grams (1/8 Ounce) Dried Flower.

Made to order - Up to 250 Units Ship within 2 days. Larger Orders 2-4 days. You can see the progress of your order using our tracking page, alternatively, you can contact us.

  • Pre-Labeled and Ready to Fill
  • Comes with Labeled Plastic Caps for Resealing once Opened
  • Seal by Hand with No Tools or Machinery
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Printed on High-Quality Vinyl
  • SLAPSTA logo watermarks removed before print
If you need any adjustments, (name change, THC change etc) let us know in the order notes at checkout.
For more information, and for inquiries about bespoke and wholesale orders, please contact us!

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