Gelato 25 Glass Jars Pre-Labeled

Size: 3.5 grams (1/8oz)
Amount: 10
Tamper Seal Lid Label: Yes
In stock


Gelato 25 Pre-Labeled Glass Curing/Display Jars

Made to order - Up to 250 Units Ship within 2 days. Larger Orders 2-4 days. You can see the progress of your order using our tracking page, alternatively, you can contact us.
  • Available in 2grams, 3.5grams, and 7grams size
  • Pre-Labeled and Ready to FIll
  • Includes Labeled Plastic Lids
  • Printed on High-Quality Waterproof Vinyl
  • SLAPSTA logo watermark removed before print
  • Made from Recycled Glass and Plastic
  • Wholesale Options available
If you need any adjustments, please let us know in the order notes! 

Tamper Lids: Please note if tamper lids are selected packaging will be unlabeled. As once tamper labels are applied, the jar will be sealed shut until the tamper seal is broken.

International Shipping: Glass is heavy and fragile so shipping internationally via air can be expensive, please see our range of Ready Made Mylar Pouches if you require a ready-made packaging product that is cheaper to ship internationally.

Need to know more? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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