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King Size (Big Smoke) Lion Rolling Circus UNBLEACHED Natural Rolling Papers -

Type/ Origin Unbleached, rice/ flax - (French)
Size 110mm (king size)
Burn Rate Slow
Booklet 33 leaves
Box 50 booklets
Master Case 20 boxes
Design Variations Each box contains a mix of 5 freaky designs

Consistent sellers w/ a low cost per item, these high quality French sourced UNBLEACHED rolling papers are a staple for every head shop or your favorite selling channel.

These are the signature LRC UNBLEACHED rolling papers with the raw, natural colored packaging... Pastel earth tones on the booklets sport 5 different "freaky characters" that entertain as much as the papers satisfy smokers the world over.

Naturally unbleached, with certified organic gum, they are a superior choice for all rolling enthusiasts.