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OCB Virgin Unbleached Rolling Papers - DISPLAY BOX: 3 Sizes/ Styles, 24 Booklets of 50 Leaves/ each -

by OCB

This OCB Virgin DISPLAY BOX is a great counter top or wall mountable item for shop owners or anybody else that appreciates high quality unbleached rolling papers in a big way.

Your money gets you a nice wooden box adorned with the OCB logo, packed with 3 different styles and sizes of OCB Virgin papers: 1 1/4, Single Wide, & Slim, along with a matching tray and sticker. 

Minimally processed, unbleached, soft and thin, OCB Virgin papers are made from sustainably harvested forest fibers for your smoking pleasure and seal with the finest quality natural gum. 

Brand/ Style OCB Virgin
3 Sizes  1 1/4, Single Wide, & Slim
Type/ Origin Unbleached Forest Fibers - (French) 
Displays 24 booklets of each size totaling 72 booklets
Burn Rate Slow
Booklet 50 leaves