Scorch Multi Torch

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* 220 min.pefillable butane gas tank.

* Safety Switch.

* Adjustable gas flow control valve

* Convenient. Lightweight. Yet sturdy design.

* Sturdy removable base for added safety.


* Do not touch flame guard while in use or until sufficient time has passed for cooling.

* Do not immerse heated parts or items in water. Allow to cool naturally.

* Use only butane gas in the PRO-Torch. Do not use propane gas or any other types of fluids.
* Do not store in a temperature exceeding 40.C/104.F.

* Keep away from eyes at all times.

* Keep this unit out of the reach of children.

* The Flame of the PRO-torch is nearly invisible in bright light or sunlight. Make sure that the gas flow.

Is turned off when not in use.

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