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  • Flavor-Less: It is the True hemp with a natural hemp flavor, ideal to perceive the aroma of the herb when burning.
  • Mango: Fruity mango aroma, in a perfect combination.
  • Russian Cream: Delicate flavor and aroma of vanilla, sugar, and some citrus.
  • Honey: Sweet and soft real honey aroma that is felt from the first puff
  • Banana: The aroma is fruity, very sweet, and a little citric.
  • Gelato: Delicious cold and sweet ice cream flavor.

These Hemp Wraps we are offering today from True Hemp include natural cannabinoids present in most fresh organic hemp paper. Moist and soft leaves provided by True Hemp retain their freshness thanks to a resealable pouch. These hemp wraps are priced lower than similar product lines and are made from pure organic hemp, providing clean smoke that is chemical-free. True Hemp lets you make a blunt the size and shape you want because the leaves are wide and stick easily, and you can also choose a thicker hemp roll or split the wrap into two thinner sheets giving you 4 hemp blunts per 2pk pouch. 25 Packs in a Display Box. 50 Display boxes in the Wholesale Master Cases.

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