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Hemp and tobacco leaf wraps like you've never seen them. Stock your shop with Smokerolla Wholesale. If there was ever a time to buy in bulk, it's now.

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An essential part of any smoke shop and corner store: Rolling Papers. Browse our selection of the finest papers from brands your customers trust.

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Stuff-it and puff-it style natural tobacco and hemp leaf pre-rolled cones available online at Smokerolla Wholesale.

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Join The Freak Show - Lion Rolling Circus


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Unbleached 1.25Unbleached 1.25
SKU: RPW-RRP-2030-Box
Lion Rolling Circus Unbleached 1.25
Sold out
Silver Big SmokeSilver Big Smoke
SKU: WS139
Lion Rolling Circus Silver Big Smoke
From $33
Sold out
Rolling Machines King SizeRolling Machines King Size
Pre-rolled FiltersPre-rolled Filters
SKU: RPW-FT-2551-S-1
Lion Rolling Circus Pre-rolled Filters
From $3.99
Sold out
Mint Flavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4Mint Flavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4
Medium Tin TraysMedium Tin Trays
SKU: WS521
Lion Rolling Circus Medium Tin Trays
From $24
In stock
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Lion Tainer CircusLion Tainer Circus
SKU: WS860
Lion Rolling Circus Lion Tainer Circus
From $42
In stock
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Hemp WrapsHemp Wraps
SKU: WS890
Lion Rolling Circus Hemp Wraps
From $15
In stock
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Hand Made Collectable Bobblehead DollsHand Made Collectable Bobblehead Dolls