Blo Season Electronic Nectar Collector

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The Season is Electronic Nectar Collector, easy to use and comfortable.


  • Instatant Hest Coil
  • Replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • Durable and Pocket Design 
  • Water Filtration Sytem
  • 1000mAhj Rechargeavle Battery

The Kit Incluides:

  •  Blo  Season Vaporizer (1)   
  •  Vapor Tip (2)
  • Glass Bubbler (1)   
  • Cleaning Nrush (1)   
  • Micro USB Cable (1)   
  • Silicon Container (1)   
  • User Manual (1)   
  • Elegant Box (1)   

 Product ships in assorted colors.

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