Glue Gar - ("stop Smoking Spit") - All Natural Smokeable Rolling Glue for Blunts, Wraps, Papers &

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55After decades of having NO CHOICE but our own spit to use on the gazillions of blunts, wraps, doobies, etc that the world has rolled up to smoke, rolling aficionados can finally celebrate the fact we now have a viable and ever so handy all natural PLANT BASED ALTERNATIVE TO MOUTH SPIT to use as a roll up adhesive, and it's a game changer for many...

The Glue Gar manufacturer Caligars has even gone so far as to trademark the term: "STOP SMOKING SPIT" in their efforts to spread the good word to all their dry-mouthed rolling friends, and we love it.

Glue Gar and Go Stix products are all natural, flavorless, odorless, and vegan friendly and thus will never affect the taste of your well deserved and highly cherished smoke. Try some out and you might not ever want to go back to using anything else to seal your roll up.

The rolling glue gets applied via a handy brush pen or squeeze bottle, depending on your preference. Put it in your pocket and take it to the party, park, friends house, or family affair - anywhere you want to roll something up on the go!

Cellulose Ether (Plant Derived Adhesive) & Distilled Water

Applied Via: 3ml Brush Pen

Flavor Options: OG Flavorless and Assorted Flavors

Bulk Jar: 30 units of 3ml OG Flavorless Brush Pens

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