Twisted Palm 2pk Mini

Flavors: Purple Haze
Sale price$14.99


Twisted Palm Wraps

has always been one of the top-selling brands on the market & always brings the highest quality products to the market. The new Twisted Palm is made from all Natural & Tobacco Free Palm Leaf Rolls with 100% Natural Terpene flavoring. Squeeze & Pop Corn Husk Filter with the tastiest flavor combos you will come across! Comes with an Integra Boost Humidity pack to ensure a long shelf life & a fresh roll!

Slow-burning & very tasty! Two flavors options per tip, squeeze one for one flavor, the second for another, or combine the two for a tasty mixed flavor!


  • (15) Pack Display
  • (2) Mini Rolls per pack
  • (2) Flavor options per filter
  • (5) Flavors to choose
  • (1) Integra Boost per foil
  • (1) Custom Packer

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