Xvape Cricket

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It’s small, compact, and low-cost form-factor make the XVAPE Cricket the perfect choice for new users and travelers alike.

Who’s the Cricket for?

When discretion is essential. The Cricket is a small, slim pen good for situations that require more subtlety than a larger device. The Cricket is compact enough to hide just about anywhere, and it has a form factor similar to that of a disposable e-cig or a ballpoint pen.

The Atomizer

Most dab pens at the budget end of the price scale are made with nichrome wire coils, which many people find to have a slightly off-putting metallic taste. The coil in the Cricket atomizer is made from a weldable titanium alloy, giving it no metallic taste at all.

  • 510 threaded cartridge battery
  • Single titanium quartz coil
  • Portable/discreet
  • Great for cartridges and concentrates
  • Glass mouthpiece for wax
  • Quartz heating element
  • Temperature Range (662°F – 752°F)
  • 350mah battery
  • Comes with USB charging cable & dab tool

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